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We are excited to announce the launch of



OUR GOAL – To help prevent the heartbreak of dog owners experiencing an attack by another dog on their beloved pet. If we can help save one life we know we have made a difference to that family.

DESIGNED TO PROTECT – Patented Coyote Vest Pet Body Armour is stab-resistant and designed to help protect against Coyotes in USA, aggressive dogs and birds of prey here in New Zealand and also Dingoes in Australia.

It works by offering multiple layers of protection. First, the collar includes removable spikes and will help prevent neck bites and deadly shaking. Second, the vest is made from ballistic stab resistant materials and Kevlar (same material as bullet proof police vests)

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – It will not slow your dog down or impair their ability to run and play. It covers the critical areas where the most serious and deadly injuries occur. Since it does not cover your dogs chest

area your dog will not get too hot. They are waterproof so can even be worn at the beach and in the winter can be worn in rain and snow.

ENDORSED BY VETERINARIANS – Vets around the world endorse and use the CoyoteVest for their own dogs.

STYLISH AND BRIGHT COLOURS – Coyote Vest is available in yellow, pink, red, blue, tan, turquoise and orange – we certainly make protection look good !

We keep a range of sizes and colours in stock but if we don’t have what you want we can easily order from the manufacturers in San Diego.

COST – This quality product ranges from $60 to $313. A small price to pay for helping to save one life – because that one life makes a difference to that family.

CoyoteCollar $60

May be used alone or with a Bully Vest.


Bully Harness Neck Protection $135

Can be used with Bully Vest.

Ideal for dogs who don’t like wearing a full coat.


Toggle in a Bully Vest $217

Used to cover the Body with or without Bully Harness or Collar.


Button modelling the Coyote Spike Vest $313

At our very own Anderson Park in Napier. This is one complete Body Armour, covers body and neck